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Sofia Boni BIO

Sofia Boni BIO

Curriculum vitae: BONI SOFIA


Sofia Boni was born in Athens (1974). She studied fine art and printing in department of fine art at the Aristotelean University of Thessaloniki of where she was admmited on a scholarship in third place. She studied under V. Dimitrea, G. Divari, X. Sachini and P. Argyraki to name a few. Her subsiquent studies were in fine are and art education where she earned her BA and MA in the same fields with honors. She works and lives in Athens.

1991 1993 Zaharakis private School: drawing and architectural design

1993 1994 Studies in preservation of paintings and antiquities: private college PETRA/Greece

1995 1996 Athens School of Fine Arts, as a audience for one year, teacher:

D. Mytaras

1999 2000 Art classes (educator) studies: ΜΑ (Α.Π.Θ) AUTh

1996 2000 School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki -Greece AUTh

 (Α.Π.Θ)/ BA and MA studies, scholarships and honors, degree in painting and teaching



2001,’02,’03 Curator of National Exhibitions at Tehnopolis-Gazi, (EETE: ART CHAMBER OF GREECE), Athens Municipality, Ministry of culture

2004 Mini-art pieces exhibition in ΕΕΤE, Athens


2002 2004 Cultural Center, Municipality of Argyroupolis, Athens

2001 2002 Art and Design, PETRA Institute, Department of Art Decoration

2001 2003 Art college: I. Vorgias Centre of Arts/drawing, color theory and practice, architectural design, history of art, synthesis etc.

2003 2004 Cultural Centre of Hellenic Telecommunication Organization

2004 Centre of basic high school teaching

2004 2005 Art Teacher in Public High and primary schools


2003 2004 Educational Book in “design traditional musical instruments, construction and preservation” field for public College, National Athens Institute of Education, Ministry of Education /

2011-2015 illustration and writing of children books


1996 Thessalonica’s Macedonian Studies Museum of Modern Art/ HEINEKEN

1998 Drawing and Printmaking International Show, municipality of Belgrade/

1999 Spata Airport, Permanent Exhibition (two paintings were bought)

2000 Atelier M. Papadakis, Kypseli, Athens (Papadakis: president of the ΕΕΤΕ-sculptor) (20 paintings)

2001 & 2002 Gallery EΠΑΣΚΤ; “Article the”

2001 Kozani, month of culture, Greece

2002 & 2003 EETE Gallery

2001,’02, ‘03 Tehnopolis-Gazi”, national art exhibitions/ ΕΕΤΕ in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Culture

2003 Kerabos Art Hall, , Athens

2004 micro-draw-art exhibition/ ΕΕΤΕ

2005  Women in Art; University of Crete, ‘Women…Dreams’ Travelers University of Crete ,

2006 Women-Men, Worlds; University of Crete

19TH Renaissance Festival of  Rethymno city, Crete, Greece

2006 Melina Merkouri-Poulopouleio foundation, Athens


2011 alternative Italian gallery, (40 paintings) Ileia, Greece

ΕΠΑΣΚΤ (Athens Gallery of Degree Fine Art Members) Council

2002 ΕΠΑΣΚΤ (Athens Gallery of Degree Fine Arts members) Plaka, Athens

2002 Kerabos Gallery, twenty paintings took part, Athens

2005 Lemon Hall, Athens


SINCE 2000 EETE (Art Chamber of Greece)

ΕΠΑΣΚΤ ( Athens gallery of Fine Art Members)

Art teachers Organization in Greece

2002 2004 EETE Council

ΕΠΑΣΚΤ (Athens Gallery of Degree Fine Art Members) Council




     2001 «Teaching Fine Arts in primary and high schools», 1st Centre of equivalence / Athens. Heading curator: P. Arapaki. Psychological analysis and development of children’s painting. Definition of the artistic, intellective and psychological level of a child, in addition to grow its mentality and maturity


1992 «Geographic information system» business program for architects-mechanics: ERATOSTHENIS 300 hours seminar / AUTOCAD, CAD


2001-2003Art teachers Organisation in Greece

2005 certification in computing

2015 e-learning certification in several programs used by artists and teachers 400 hours by the Greek Open University. 


2004 2005

National Program for public school educators which included 3 basic phases:

                  • General training in teaching and planning, schedule and teaching timetable by special educated PHD teachers.

                  • Special training in teaching, which involves the art department and its relevant fields, for example: materials, kind of papers, drawing, graphic design, collage, color, constructions, doll construction, mask construction, constructions from paper-cloth, sculpture, theatrical clothes and decorations, engraving, art history, ethnic traditional fests, color theory, principals of decoration, multimedia, computers, mass media, synthesis / practical fitting for every field above.

                  • Practice and teaching in real classrooms


• Greek (native speaker) • English proficiensy

·      Spanish (basic level)







Installation_Performance by Sofia Boni 2018



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