Blue Fig Art in Porto Heli


Blue Fig Art - Porto Heli, Greece

Porto Heli is a small seaside town located three hours either by boat or car from Athens as well as being 20 minutes and 45 minutes away from Spetses and Hydra, two of Greece’s most famous islands.


This area is filled with inspiring images for drawing and painting from nature, as well as photography.  See map and more information about the region: About Porto Heli

Upon request private guided day-tours to favorite painting spots are available as well as other cultural activities such as excursions to ancient sites, boat tours, as well as wine and olive tasting. Touring Agency Greek Riviera Porto Heli

For accommodation, BFA highly recommends Long View Resort & Spa 



Ancient Peloponnese Morias

Detail from "Ancient Peloponnese, (1/10)" dry-point etching, 40 cm x 60 cm, Rives BFK printing paper (300 g/m), 2014   by Christine Olga Smith 



Ancient Peloponnese Map



Marked in this etching are the most important archeological sites in the Peloponnese. 

During the late Middle Ages and the Ottoman era, the peninsula was known as the Morea (Greek: Μωρέας), a name still in colloquial use in its demotic form (Μωριάς)...)..Its etymology is disputed, but it is most commonly held to be derived from the mulberry tree (morea), whose leafs are similar in shape to the peninsula.[23]                              






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